Commonwealth Alternative Care & Jupiter Research Combine Offerings to Bring Infinity Vaporizer to Dispensary Shelves

PHOENIX, May 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TILT Holdings Inc. (“TILT” or the “Company”) (NEO:TILT) (OTCQX: TLLTF), a global provider of cannabis business solutions that include inhalation technologies, cultivation, manufacturing, processing, brand development, and retail, today announced that InfinityTM, Jupiter Research LLC’s (“Jupiter”) proprietary all-in-one vaporizer, featuring Commonwealth Alternative Care Inc. (“CAC”) cold press and cured resin cannabis oils will hit shelves tomorrow, Friday, May 20 at both CAC locations, and will soon be available at medical and recreational dispensaries throughout Massachusetts.

“Infinity’s launch in Massachusetts provides the best of TILT Holdings: Jupiter’s exemplary vaporizer technology combined with high-quality cold press and cured resin cannabis oils processed by Commonwealth Alternative Care,” stated Gary Santo, CEO of TILT. “This marks our second venture in bringing a TILT collaboration to market, building on the success we achieved in Pennsylvania last fall that leveraged a combined product offering from Jupiter and Standard Farms.”

Infinity is a ready-to-use, disposable vape powered by CCELL® Heat-not-Burn technology to deliver a leading vaping experience. Each self-contained vaporizer features 300mg of cannabis extracts in an easy-to-use and portable form. The powerful battery in the Infinity allows for approximately 60 puffs per vape and activates via a three-second inhale.

Massachusetts patients and consumers will have two strain extract options to choose from at launch: Cinderella 99 (Hybrid) and LA Kush Cake (Indica).

  • Cinderella 99 Cold Press: Cold Press oil is non-winterized, CO2 extracted cannabis oil. This process entails a minimally invasive technique that avoids using any aggressive solvents in the post-processing refinement and ensures the oils only touch CO2 during the extraction process. CAC uses manual separations to capture the true-to-plant expression a vape oil can offer.
  • LA Kush Cake Cured Resin: Cured Resin oil is created using carefully cured flower that goes through a hydrocarbon extraction process. The oils harvested are then handled under specific temperatures and pressures to ensure a full flavor, smooth, true-to-plant oil that can easily be vaporized.